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Book Release Quantum Computing and Future Authored by Mr Utpal Chakraborty Chief Digital Officer Allied Digital Services Ltd

Date: 20th April 2022

Mumbai (Maharashtra), INDIA.

The book “Quantum Computing and Future” written by Mr. Utpal Chakraborty will bring awareness among the academic world and industry on the importance of quantum computing and will help prepare for the Quantum-AI revolution that is going to transform every industry in coming few years.

The book was inaugurated by Chief Guest, Mr. Nitin Shah, CMD, Allied Digital Services Ltd. During his inaugural address, Mr. Shah talked about his journey from the mainframe computing era to the latest high performance cloud computing and now the quantum computing that is going to hit the market soon. He also mentioned that we are currently living in an exciting time of technological revolution and the industry should embrace new cutting-edge technologies like AI, quantum computing, cloud, AR/VR etc.

During his speech, author of the book, Mr. Utpal Chakraborty mentioned that as businesses are becoming more and more data-intensive and many critical decisions today requiring real-time data insights and forecasting; the difficulty with using conventional classical computing to cope with massive amounts of data created at a very high speeds. Not only can these be performed in absolute real-time with quantum computing, but it also offers up a plethora of new possibilities in the field. Quantum computing has the potential to transform every domain, every business and every aspect of our lives.

The author also mentioned – The enormous power a quantum computer possesses due to the fact that it can harness some of the fundamental principles like “Superposition” and “Entanglement” of sub-atomic particles that a classic computer is not capable of.

Quantum computers can solve the wide range complex optimization problems in all domains which conventional computing struggles to perform on time. These optimization challenges are intrinsic in the field of aviation, finance, manufacturing, drug research & medicine etc.

Allied Digital Global CEO, Mr. Paresh Shah in his speech mentioned about the innovation initiatives of Allied Digital like – Conversational AI for Banking, Infrastructure Analytics, AI Powered Service Management and Cognitive Command & Control Centre solutions for smart cities under AI & FinTech initiatives. He also emphasized on cloud computing and importance of other automation tools and technologies to bring about the digital transformation in the enterprises and businesses.

Allied Digital Services, India is a publicly-traded global leader in information technology consulting and services, since 1984. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, it is a global managed service provider and systems integrator, offering infrastructure solutions and services to clients in 70 countries. The service portfolio ranges from digital workspace services, digital enterprise infrastructure transformative solutions, cybersecurity services, cloud services, and support, to multi-lingual, multi-channel service desks. The company has a global workforce of some 2,000 professionals, local support functions, governance frameworks, and operations across 70 countries. It offers its expertise and services to several Fortune 500 companies.


Book Release Quantum Computing and Future  Authored by Mr  Utpal Chakraborty  Chief Digital Officer  Allied Digital Services Ltd