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Ruchi Srivastava Founder of VEDI

Ruchi started her journey of Vedi in 2018. Vedi is specialized in making Ayurvedic Skin and haircare products under the brand name of ‘Vedi tatva’. Ruchi was inspired by her grandmother to start Vedi. Ruchi acquired  knowledge and ideas from her, which is the reason behind in making Vedi Products. Her goals and objectives towards making number one Ayurvedic Brand is in progress.

Vedi has 18 categories and 100 plus variants of products catering to 600-700 Clients across India and overseas. She always aims towards complete satisfaction of her customers towards her products for which she ensures to maintain quality of her products to be the most premium and inclines to best customer service.

Vedi tatva is  committed to developing result-driven Skin & Hair Care formulations from the Natural ingredients.

Ruchi says, “WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave, has been an amazing support from the past 3 years to me. WEE has provided me fantastic networking and a lot many customers. WEE is an amazing platform for Women entrepreneurs and provides great opportunity to showcase their respective Products. I would also like to thank WEE Members for being a constant support”.

Ruchi is also Core Team Member of WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave.

To know more:

Email: kemprocure@gmail.com

Instalink: ruchisrivastava448

FB page link:


Edited by: Chaitali Chatterjee

Ruchi Srivastava Founder of VEDI