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Huzaifa Hanfi Travel Vlogger Keeping His Fitness As His Priority

To learn about yourself traveling is the best passion one can choose for. It brings a new set of opportunities and lets you explore every side of yourself. But once this hobby of traveling turns into a passion, then there are several other options that are open for you. One such person who turned his hobby into his career alongside keeping his fitness as his priority is, Huzaifa Hanfi.

Huzaifa Hanfi exclaims that he learned the significance of hustle and consistency over the last four years. He started his business for pleasure, but he had no idea how serious his interests had become. Finally, traveling and being in shape became more of an obsession for him, and then he never looked back. He says that it can be said, that it all began out as a joke, but now he is really enjoying where it all is leading to. This travel enthusiast believes that confidence is essential for making a trip remarkable and especially if one is a travel vlogger, then it engages the viewers. It absolutely normal to feel camera-shy and stutter a little as a result of the anxiousness that comes with being on camera. However, instead of avoiding the camera, one should practice improving your skills. On camera, the face and voice should stand out and always talk to the camera and make viewers feel like they’re a part of your journey, they will remember and recognize one’s work.

When asked what “If you want to expand your audience, you need a hook. You must have a clear idea of what your films will be about and generate content that is focused on a specific topic. If your trip vlogging specialty is on food, do some SEO research and check what the other large food travel vloggers are doing. But don’t forget to put your own twist on it and create stuff you enjoy, your excitement will shine through to the audience. It is suggested that you look into other vloggers’ trip vlogs. Drawing inspiration from other prominent people on the internet to come up with vlog topics is not a bad idea.”

Giving his take on how in recent times travel enthusiasts are aimed towards gaining views over their travel videos, he shared his personal experience by saying, “In terms of audience numbers, I never set targets for how many views or likes a video should receive. I can typically predict how it will perform in terms of viewership depending on how well the series in which it is included is performing. But don’t make goals for such things. It’s more crucial to make evergreen content so that each video gets more views over time rather than becoming a one-hit-wonder. Concentrate on making videos about topics that people are searching for so that your videos may always be found and are always relevant.”

He claims that his toughest rival has always been himself. With each passing day, he is improving on what he had done the day before and his aim is to set goals for others, inspire them, and be admired.


Huzaifa Hanfi travel vlogger keeping his fitness as his priority