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Bollywood Actress Neha Bansal dose not require any Introduction

Neha Bansal, name that has earn extreme fame in a very short span of time definitely does not require any introduction now but the hardships, struggles  and pain this lovely talented actress has gone through is still not known entirely  by his long list of fans and others. As we tried to dig deep into her personal and professional life, we came across an intense and extra-ordinary story of a hard- hitting, strong-willed and yet compassionate, caring, committed to her dreams and moral principals in her life. To tell you more about her we go back to a small  town school girl who came across few good people like Mr. Love Sharma and  more who admired her God-gifted talents of public speaking, debate speaker,  acting and moreover an extremely well performing stage artist, their admirations and motivations gave an outstanding confidence in herself and a  strong desire to showcase her talents to the world. Moreover, being brought up  in a middle-class family she always had seen the hardships and struggles of life  which actually became her dream to do whatever she can for the people who

struggle to meet their ends.

All her desires and dreams went with her when she stepped in her youthand college compound. As a bright student she was achieving awards and certificates in general  knowledge, debates, stage shows, dance competitions and many more and was  sailing smooth until her desire to go an extra mile and make a name for herself was considered against family reputation and respect as per normal malpractices of a small town in a very conservative locality of Haryana where a girl is  supposed to be a house maker rather than a dancer or an actress. Anything  beyond a house maker is considered as a social humiliation for the family of the girl, which actually the family of Neha Bansal had suffered ,which made them shift to Delhi after she rebelled and left her house, family and her native place  Kaithal, Haryana to pursue her dreams and career and landed in the city of  dreams Mumbai with all she had was a hundred rupees with nowhere to go because she didn’t know anyone in the city to go to. All that was leftwith her was  just two choices, either go the wrong way or hit the streets with strong-will and  hard work. She took the hard way because even if she had left that small

middle-class house and family, but her family values and moral character had never left her. With these values, positive attitude, and moral character it did  took her twelve years to get her major break in Bollywood after she left home in year 2002.

After spending so many nights at Railway Platforms and different Mandirs and running about to and fro to each studio, doing small roles as junior artist, background dancer, ramp walks and modeling she got assignments in Bangalore where she got a break in a Kannada movie. After which she didn’t looked back,  till now she has done twelve regional languages movies in different jonors and  roles including Kannada, Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Marathi etc. Then came the big break in Bollywood movie in year 2014 which established her career and gave her the fruitsfor all her struggles and pain she had gone through. Twelve years working as junior artist, dubbing artist, ramp shows, modelling, small odds jobs such as LIC agent, Loan agent, tele-caller and even worked as sales executive in a Bank,at  last her dream to become a Bollywood fame came true. And yes, this was important because she had achieved it by her own talent without compromising in any situation, not even a casting couch or a “Godfather” in the industry.  Although she sacrificed her Arts Graduation Degree which she was pursuing in  RKSD college in Kaithal, Haryana she had now mastered her arts by winning two  best actress awards and one best producer awards by the hands of dignitaries in  addition to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Noble Peace Award, Dada Saheb  Phalke Iconic Award and numerous awards related to production, direction, acting, volunteering, to name a few.

Above all she was recently awarded “Haryana ki Beti” from the people of  Haryana, same people who once had forced her family to move to Delhi just  because she was a matter ofshame to the family. Same girl has now made them  proud by her strong moral character, showcasing that even staying alone and  facing hardships she has never forgotten her family values and had never done anything wrong which would bring shame to her family or her state Haryana where her heart is. Even if she had found her dreams and career in Mumbai her

eart aches for Haryana and moreover for her family whom she has still to see, even after 19 long years, all that she lacks is a warm touch of her mother and  compassion of her entire family whom she had missed all these years. As she  told us, there has not been a single moment of her life where she hasn’t missed  each member of her family, relatives, and friends. She even remembers her  school friends from SS Bal Sadan School in Kaithal, Haryana. For her it was the  proudest moment of her life when she was awarded by her school principal Mr.  Ravi Bhushan for her latest home production movie “Tu Maa Banbhori Tu Hi  Durge” which is Kuldevi of her Aggarwal Samaj, for which she was even honored  by Aggarwal Samaj and other local authorities. Her movie even had local artists from Haryana whom she aims to support more by helping them and specially girls to exploit their talents and come forward to pursue a career in  entertainment industry where she wants to welcome everyone and support new talents and give them chance .Being the youngest of five sisters in thehouse  and moreover being a girl she knows what women go through if they want to  step out to work, for which she aims to be committed to the upliftment and betterment of women, especially women in rural areas. Highly motivated to the

cause she is always prepared to help a girl child to educate herself. She is in fact  a strong supporter of our prime minister’s “Beti padao Beti Bachao” Andolan.  She is working hard to spread the messages like this and more by making short  films, through social media and giving related interviews to change the thinking  and minds of masses on these social issues.

All we can think and say is very rare we find artists like Neha Bansal who don’t forget the bad times they had encountered and then they work hard apart from  there busy life to not let others suffer the same fate. As admirable as she was  when in school, even today she is more due to her commitment for the social  causes and her pledge to support all the good work done for it. All we can do is  to pray for her new role as a Film Producer, her film and drama production  company through which she aims to support new talents and struggling artists.

She has even thought to start an NGO which will exclusively try to help the veteran artists who might be needing help. For all her good work for the film  industry and the country we wish her good luck and by all our heart we pray thatmay God reunite her with her family and relatives whoshould now forgive her as  it is truly said” Subha ka bhoola agar sham ko ghar aa jaye to usse bhoola  nahin kehte”. May God Bless her and her family and may they unite soon.

That is what Neha Bansal needs more than all the riches she has now – a family re- union (Ghar-wapasi).


Bollywood Actress Neha Bansal dose not require any Introduction