Raja Boxer – I love to perform Negative Character

Raja Boxer – I love to perform Negative Character

I was finding a story in Punjab and i found a man boxer turned Actor and story connects ton jail a tragedy that itself is an interesting plot. I m astonished to share such a beautiful store that i man with strength and power has glamour infornt of camera and these days is giving back to back hit songs to industry. We find realistic approach and inspiring story in his songs that’s totally appreciable. Recent songs that crossed million vies on Youtube and other social media platforms are “Jail” Released in 2020 , “Tu Dil Mqinu” 2021 , 21 Sal released in 2021,Haq Liye bina ni Mudna , Race etc. are those songs that made a remarkable attempt in Videos Box office connecting audience across globe. Raja Boxer is connected to spirituality and offers five times prayers when asked about priority he said “Namaz (prayers’) always first even I’m shooting or not hardly matters.

Tell us about your experience working in punjab film industry?

Well, its feels nice to be connected  with good technicians and people ,not only in showcase my talent but get to learn lot of things too, i love to learn and set is best school for this, now its been years of learning and gaining experience hope next projects will come with more perfection and experience reflection.

What kind of characters you love to perform on screen ?

Well because of my appearance and body language i m comfortable to do negative shade,” Villain” i love however I’m a different person of screen but I love negative side of myself on screen

What are your upcoming projects?

Well have lot of songs in pipe line and recently I’m in talks with a south Film Industry Director canot reveal name till official announcement ,it is a negative shade and I will love to do this character, as of now I’m enjoying doing songs and will be releasing some good tracks back to back this season.

A message for new actors ?

Well nothing much talent is on peak these days, but yes a discipline is important well i personally believe that instead of working more on gym and other thing one must be fit and equally work on acting skills, Acting is not even easy when comes technically so yes if you want to beat the competition you must lead from front, only looks don’t matter but acting skills too .Education and Respect to everyone is also more important because we are being treated as youth icons so its our prime importance to be the pure voice in society.

Raja Boxer is connected to spirituality and offers five times prayers