Riya Mohan Young Dynamic Personality From Pune Winner Of Miss Universe-2021

Riya Mohan Young  Dynamic Personality  From Pune Winner Of Miss Universe-2021

I am Riya Mohan, a 23-year-old young, dynamic woman from Pune, with an ambition to reach the sky and fly high, making the purpose of my life worth it.

I have studied B.Sc in Fashion designing. This course has further enhanced my confidence in the glamour world. I have an exceptionally pedagogic way of life, which always allows me to explore every opportunity optimistically with my affirmative attitude that resigns within me. I believe in conquering the world. The liveliness within me makes me an enthusiastic learner and a predicament solver. I have a self-assurance attitude within me which has always permitted me to face challenges of life courageously and with total excitement and exuberance.

With 15 years of hardships, up and downs, I gained recognition and acceptance from the people in the industry and people who encouraged my uphill struggle. Today I am really happy, blessed and thankful when I look back at the difficult days of my life to get established. My audience and people around me have love and accepted me. Today as I walk down the memory lane, I picture myself as a dancer, an actress and a model who managed to create inspirational stories for new enthusiasts in the field.

The recognition did not come in a day or a year. There are many accomplishments in my baggage today that I gained due to my hard work, hard work and self-confidence, which made me reach the position where I am today. I have won numerous dance competitions.

My Modeling career started in 2018. To name a few accomplishments that I could add as a feather in my cap are Winner of Kala ki khoj 2015. I succeeded amongst the Top 30 Contestants in 2Mad Dance Reality show, featured at Colors Marathi Channel.  Besides, I have got the opportunity to work on three short films, namely Shaala Patti, Paari , Dustbin .

In due course of time, God has been kind to me that I made my way as a winner of Miss Pune-2018, Winner of Miss Maharashtra-2019, Winner of Soundaryavati Maharashtra-2019. I have also won a few more titles to add in my honour: Miss Active Pune Pride-2020, Miss Glamour Confident-2020, Maharashtra’s Super Model Most Impressive-2021, a TV Reality Show. I am really delighted to get the opportunity to participate in Miss India 2021 and Justify the expectations built for me by winning as the 1st Runner Up.  It was a real honour that I could come up as the winner of Miss Universe-2021.

I am sure many more opportunities are knocking on my door. Still, all the opportunities have always been challenging, and the upcoming opportunities too would be the same for which I have to put in the best effort.

I believe that I am blessed to taste such success at my age. All these awards have just reinforced me to move ahead and keep flying higher, coiffure away all the hardships, and work towards the betterment of society. People have loved me and believed me. My message to the world is to follow your dreams until you reach your goal and always be a beautiful person inside out.


I would never let them down and keep working for society.