Sanoj Mishra’s Film SHASHANK Poster Launched On Death Anniversary Of Sushant Singh Rajput

Sanoj Mishra’s Film  SHASHANK Poster Launched On Death Anniversary Of Sushant Singh Rajput

Today is the death anniversary of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He committed suicide on the same day on June 14 last year. Paying tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput on his death anniversary, director Sanoj Mishra launched the poster of his film ‘Shashank’. Sanoj Mishra  When  started the production of this film, there was a discussion in the corridors of Bollywood that this film is a biopic of Sushant Singh Rajput. Sanoj Mishra says that it is not a biopic of Sushant Singh Rajput, but it is definitely inspired by him.

Today Bollywood  How do people who are victims of political persecution take steps like suicide or murder?  This film is based on this, in which Arya Babbar, Rajveer Singh, Ravi Sudha Chaudhary, Aparna Malik, Muskan Verma, and others are in the lead roles.  Produced under the banner of Rudransh Entertainment, Roar Production, Sanoj Mishra Films, Parmar Production, the film is produced by Ravi Sudha Choudhary, Marut Singh, Sanjay Dhiman, Co-Producer Ramesh Parmar, DOP Neetu Iqbal Singh, Editor Yogesh Pandey, Dialogue Renu Yadav and Music Director Aditya Gaur-Chandan Dubey.

Sanoj Mishra told that I had enough subject material to make ‘Shashank’ because I have spent 26 years of my life in Bollywood from childhood till now, every aspect of it has a different story, a different reality, Sushant  Singh Rajput insisted that I should make a film on it and I announced to make a film on this subject from Patna itself and I had made it very clear that this film will not be a biopic film of Sushant Singh Rajput.  The reason was that when I met his family members and Shri KK Singh ji, his mood was very odd, people were in a lot of problems and I too could only comfort him and I felt that at this time the film or the  Talking about autobiography was not appropriate in that environment, so I said that I will not make this film a biopic, the film started at a bad time, the budget was getting over, but still our producers kept supporting us, the film went ahead.  And when this film came into the limelight, Sushant ji’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti took to Twitter to announce our film.

He said that his boycott created a negative atmosphere for the film Shashank in the whole country, as if I had killed Sushant.  The people investing in the film got away from the boycott of the film because they thought that the film would be closed due to controversies and the money would be lost, and the film Shashank stopped more than half, but my hard work and the money spent by the producers and  Could not forget the trust, the circumstances were created and some new people joined and after several months the film could start again, before the film was ready for release, another big trouble was faced last month when the late Sushant Singh  Rajput’s father Mr.KK Singh filed a case in the Delhi High Court to ban the film’s release, after facing all the difficulties for a year, it was a big problem, the family members of the late Sushant Singh did not have my phone.

Had asked once what I have made, what is the story, we would have understood, but  Without knowing the case, he also appealed for damages of 2 crores, due to the delay in the film, I and my producers were already in all the debts, now it had become a matter of breaking courage, still fighting.


In the honorable court, we also presented our side and in the midst of all the arguments, the court reserved its decision, and today the court, while delivering the verdict, has dismissed the petition to Shri KK Singh ji, everyone has blessings, love is the victory of truth.  Happened and will continue.