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Sahil Ambarsariya’s Morning Star Record Music Company Is Emerging As A Lofty Voice Of Indian Folk Music

Delhi |  By the way, to promote Indian music and songs, many big music companies and celebrities are engaged day and night in the country and the world.  In which, from T-Series, Sony Music, Saregama, etc., dozens of small big music companies of the country are promoting Indian music in their own way.  Let us introduce you to a person who is completely devoted to Indian songs and music.  Yes, we are talking about the big industrialist of Delhi and ‘Sahil Ambarsariya’, the owner / producer of ‘Morning Star Record’ music company, who is emerging as the voice of Indian music and songs in a short time.  Are  Sahil not only promotes songs of one language, but has also successfully produced regional songs heard in many languages ​​of India.  Which includes Punjabi, Haryanvi, Hindi and Bhojpuri songs.  There are very few people who carry music and songs of all languages ​​together.  Which makes them special from others.

Talk about Sahil Ambarsariya, Sahil is originally from Delhi and his birth and studies have also been completed in Delhi.  Realizing the importance of Sahil music, devoted to music since childhood, he has opened his own music company in Delhi.  Whose name is ‘Morning Star Record’.  With its banner, Punjabi and Hariwanvi songs are also made and released along with Bhojpuri songs.  Talk about this company, so far more than two dozen music videos have been released from Bhojpuri branch of ‘Morning Star Record’, ‘Morning Star Record Fagua Bhojpuri’, whose views are in millions.  So, more than half a dozen songs have also been released from its second branch ‘Morning Star Kasuta Harivana’. Sahil has worked on his channel as one of the well-known Bhojpuri actresses ‘Shubhi Sharma, Dimple Singh and Akanksha Dubey’.  Due to which Sahil Ambarsariya has joined the list of top producers of Bhojpuri.

In a special conversation with PRO Aryan Pandey, Sahil Ambarsariya said that I have been listening to songs and music of different languages ​​from the beginning.  Because every language of our country has embodied our culture in itself, in which it has been filled with sweetness and its own kind. ”Sahil Ambarsariya said about his village interest.  “I have been very interested in songs since childhood, as well as a lot of knowledge about the music industry working in the entertainment industry for 15 years. After that I produced ‘Morning Star Record’, which is loved by the audience today  And with blessings, music is advancing rapidly in the world.

Today, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and Haryanvi including Hindi are spoken and heard in every corner of the country and the world. And its songs make everyone their wish.  Working with a different mind set and we hope that our effort will give a new place to Indian music.