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Municipal Corporation Is The Best Option For Village Progress

Corporation provided over 420 crores in a decade as against a few lakhs a year by Maharashtra Government

For the 29 villages that are currently a part of the Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVMC) jurisdiction, the corporation has spent over 420 crores over the previous decade. Regarding the Maharashtra Government’s decision of exclusion of these villages, the figure will drop down to a few lakhs every year since the villages will then have a status of Gram Panchayat.

A fact and statistical data check as to what the villages will lose should these villages be deleted from the corporation limit reveals that the corporation is best suited for villages’ progress and development as against the system and financial aid for Gram Panchayat which is not well-equipped to develop a village.

For a few lucky Gram Panchayats that receive Rs 15 lakh every year for village development, most of the Panchayats receive Rs 5 lakh or less per year. On the other hand, the municipal corporation spends over 40 crores for maintenance and development every year for a village.

Recently, according to the corporation observers, water pipeline replacement in these villages cost the civic body Rs 15 crore. One can only guess how much time a Panchayat would have taken to get the work done.

Every year, the municipal corporation spends crores in amenities such as infrastructure development, conservancy, women and children welfare, safety and security, electricity, transport, education, and other maintenance and development initiatives. All these would take a hit in these 29 villages as they are set to lose out on these basic and crucial amenities, fear villagers. Even the former gram panchayat members were against exclusion from the corporation limit. 

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